Saturday, June 09, 2007


It feels good to be back.! I miss blogging and reading my favorite blogs. I've been helping my son adjust to his early bedtime by going to bed early myself. Imagine, me in bed at 8 pm?! I could hardly believe it at first. It was quite a difficult transition. I've been used to sleeping around 2 am (or much later) and to suddenly shift to an 8 pm bedtime was quite a challenge. The worse part was waking up at 5 am to help Yohan get ready for school. The sound of the alarm clock was like hearing the background music of a nightmare scene. I hated hearing that sound this past week. I'm so thankful for the long weekend. I've never been more grateful for the weekend than I am now.

I just want to thank everyone who left kind and encouraging thoughts regarding Yohan's first day in class. I'm so happy that he is doing better and seems to be adjusting well to his new teachers and classmates.

I'm so happy because I received favorable remarks about Yohan from his two teachers. They said Yohan is doing well in class. I found out that Yohan is fond of story telling time where the teacher reads a new book each day. The teacher said, Yohan even acted out the part of the book where a dinosaur was sick and being checked by the doctor. The teachers were very amuzed and enjoyed the little entertainment.

Let me share Yohan's first art work in school. The teacher gave each student a personalized coloring paper with a picture of a boy and a girl. The teacher told the students to color the picture pertaining to their gender. Here is Yohan's work (there was a girl beside this drawing but Yohan left it bare.) Simple things such as listening to instructions is a vital part of every nursery program.

Yohan seems to be enjoying his classes and hope that he will continue doing so. Jules and I attended the Parent's Orientation last Friday and we are pleased to hear about the promising mission of the school.

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