Friday, June 15, 2007

Small Acts of Kindness

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. - Aesop

Bubbly, outspoken, thoughtful and kind ... those are the traits of a fellow mom I met in school. Her name is Siony. She's a young SAHM. Her daughter Colenn is Yohan's classmate in nursery.

On Yohan's first day in school, I didn't talk to the other moms. I brought my Sudoku booklet and went to a far corner to solve some puzzles while waiting for my son's class to finish. I blocked out the voices of the chatting moms by putting on my earphones to listen to some mp3. I'm not really the type who makes friends easily but when I do, it is often for keeps.

The following day, I still had my Sudoku puzzle and planned to sit there quietly to wait for Yohan. Siony decided to sit beside me and she introduced herself. She's very friendly and in high spirits. I didn't realize we were talking that long until I saw Yohan getting out from the room. I must have enjoyed talking to her and didn't feel the time pass by. Before parting, Siony even initiated exchanging cellphone numbers. I didn't hesitate and gave her my contact info and vise versa.

I found out it was nicer to spend the time talking to someone interesting than staying in a corner solving puzzles and listening to music I've heard countless times. Yesterday, Siony took her daughter to school as usual but she told me that she was going to the bank afterwards. She will just go back to school to pick up Colenn after class. I think it was nice of her to inform me but it was extra nice of her to bring magazines for me, thinking I might get bored while waiting. She brought a couple of interesting magazines for me to read while she went to the bank. As I was flipping through the pages, I told myself, Siony is very kind and thoughtful.

Today, she brought two individually wrapped banana cake slices ... one for me and one for her. She even bought me a cold drink to go with it. I think I'm blessed to meet a new friend.

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