Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tips for 2007 Chinese New Year

Many Filipinos love celebrating Chinese New Year including us. We love the idea of following traditions to invite good luck to our homes and driving away negative energies.

Jules and I were buying things for the coming Chinese New Year and the owner of our favorite Chinese store handed us a paper containing the guidelines for the coming New Year. Let me share them with you.

Chinese New Year falls on Feb. 18, 2007, Year of the Pig.

TIPS FOR 2007 CHINESE NEW YEAR (to be done starting on the Eve of Chinese New Year)

1. Place 8 or 88 pcs. of coins, rice, candies or chocolates and garlic inside a Wealth Bowl. It will attract good luck and wealth to your home.

I already prepared our Wealth Bowl ...

2. Prepare 8 ampao or chinese envelopes cointaining money (bills or coins). Give it to children or single people.

3. Put fresh flowers on the table.

4. Prepare fruits and tikoy (round sticky cakes that symbolizes unity) on the dining table.

We already bought tikoy and a few fruits (always in pairs so the goodluck will come in double). Jules will buy more fruits later today. See those cute miniature pineapples and golden pigs? I will give them away to our family.

5. Put a "Lucky Pig" facing the front door. Let it stand on coins.

6. Light 8 pcs. of incense and go bring it around the inner and outer parts of the house to drive away negative energies from the home. Do not forget the corners and under the furniture.
Aside from incense, we also bought Chinese Wishing Paper. It's where you write all your wishes. You burn the paper on the Eve of Chinese New Year and hope that your wishes will come true.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!!!

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