Monday, February 19, 2007

Meet Yuki

Someone new is here,
Excitement in the air.
She's really cute,
Everyone agrees.

Coat as white as snow,
Small and gentle eyes.
Cute and quite tiny,
she fits in my palm.

Here comes two other,
So eager to touch.
Be careful,
use gentle hands.

Hop ... Hop ...
Where you going?
Ask two curious ones,
They follow her.

She stops nearby,
To take a nibble.
Curious eyes want to see,
As she quietly chews the greens.

Do you want to know her name?
She's Yuki, Japanese for snow.
A name so befitting,
For a cute fluffy bunny.

Yohan's cousin, Dee-Dee brought her new baby rabbit for everyone to see. Yohan and Tisha were very excited. It was Yohan's first time to see and hold a real rabbit. He was very curious and eager to carry the little bunny. I had to tell him to refrain from carrying the baby rabbit because it might get hurt. I explained that it's very young and fragile. After a while, Yohan was contented to see it hop happily on the grass.

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