Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yohan's Crocs

Yohan's Lola Dol gave this fashionable pair of Crocs to Yohan. It's still a little big but knowing how fast Yohan grows, it will surely fit perfectly in a few months time.

Crocs is quite popular in the Philippines because of its legendary comfort. It's really soft, comfortable and molds to your feet. It is vented so air passes through, keeping feet cool. Best of all, it has non-marking slip-resistant soles

Yohan is already enjoying his Crocs. He loves wearing them in the house. He hasn't worn them outside yet since it's still a little big.

He also has a pair of Havaianas but I noticed that it tends to be uncomfortable for him after prolonged hours of wearing it. I love mine though.

I haven't heard him complain about his Crocs. I think I found the perfect sandals for Yohan.

Do you have a favorite pair of flip flops or sandals too?

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