Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Feet and more

What makes a nice weekend?
Being with family, good food and a nice movie.

We had all that last Sunday and much more.

Jules, Yohan and I had lunch at Papu's place last Saturday. We saw Darlene's baby for the first time. She's the newest member of the family. Her name is Sofia and she's as beautiful as her sister, Tisha. Yohan liked seeing his new cousin peacefully sleeping in her stroller.

Papu served huge prawns cooked in chili sauce for lunch. Absolutely delicious!

After that, we watched Happy Feet at ATC. It was a great movie and we enjoyed it. Happy Feet is set in the cold land of Antarctica where the Emperor Penguins reside. They express their true love through a special song. Sadly, one Emperor Penguin, Mumble cannot sing, but shows remarkable talent in tap dancing. Mumble becomes a misfit because of his lack of singing ability but he later on makes use of his extraordinary tap dancing prowess to save his fellow penguins. It's a funny movie for the whole family which I recommend.

To Yohan's delight, we were able to watch Dora and the Explorer Musical Live Show after the movie. Yohan was so happy to see Dora and Boots up close. We let Yohan ride the carousel as an added treat. He simply loves the carousel.

Right after the show, we were lucky to catch the fireworks display at ATC. Yohan was amazed at the spectacular display of lights.

We had dinner at Kenny Rogers and enjoyed our usual chicken and sidings ensemble. I also tried their hungarian sausage.

On our way home, Yohan slept peacefully in his carseat. He didn't complain much when I got him out of the car and carried him to our room. It was a sign of a tired but happy lil' boy.

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