Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hooked on Grey's Anatomy

I had no internet access for almost a week. It was almost unbearable! I reported the problem to Digitel last Wednesday but due to the storm, it took a while before the problem was fixed. The port problem (something like that) was solved earlier this afternoon. What a relief! I feel like rejoicing. ha! ha!

While sinking in the throes of boredom, I decided to borrow some DVDs from Jules' sister. I heard so much about Grey's Anatomy that I thought it was a perfect time to watch it. Chona lent me her copy of Season 1 & 2.

I knew I was hooked the moment I watched the first episode. I enjoyed watching every single episode and so did Jules. We've been sleeping very late watching Grey's Anatomy. We love the drama, comedy and love stories injected in every episode. It's remarkably interesting!

Meet the team of Grey's Anatomy

A little overview about Grey's Anatomy:
Meredith Grey is a first year surgical intern at program west of Harvard. She and fellow first year interns Izzie Stevens, George O' Malley and Christina Yang are embarking in a world where on the job training can be a matter of life and death while they try to balance the ups and downs of their own personal lives. For a full summary, click here.

We finished watching Grey's Anantomy Season 2 ender and I felt really sad. I want to watch more but I guess I have to wait for Season 3 to be aired here.

On a brighter perspective, my internet access is back to normal! Yipee! Time to rejoice! At least I can now surf about what's new with my favorite characters.

By the way, I'm in love ... with McSteamy (*wink*).

Are you hooked too? If you are, then who rocks your world: Derek, Mark, George, Alex or Preston?

Aside from McSteamy, I also happen to like Dr. Preston Burke too.

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