Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fun at Enchanted Kingdom

We finally pushed through with our plan to go to Enchanted Kingdom last Saturday, Dec. 23. We have postponed going there twice because of the bad weather. It was a bit cloudy last Saturday but we decided to go anyway.

It was Yohan's first time at Enchanted Kingdom. He was fascinated with all the different rides, booths, shops and other colorful park attractions. We all availed of the Day Pass so we could enjoy all the rides. Yohan was not allowed on some rides but it was okay because there were enough kiddie rides for his age. Here are some pictures of our FUN-tastic time.

Yohan's first ride was on the beautiful Grand Carousel. Jules and I accompanied him around the amusement park and joined him on some of the rides to help him get the hang of it. When we saw that he was already comfortable and having fun, we left him with Yaya so Jules and I can try the more daring rides.

It has been a while since our last visit so I was a bit hesitant on going on the space shuttle again. I guess it may not be as scary as other roller coasters in other countries but it is the only triple loop coaster in our country. I'm terrified of heights but I didn't want Jules to ride by himself so I summoned enough courage and braved the rough ride ... I survived! But I guess I cheated (just like the first time) because I kept my eyes closed the whole time. I've always been afraid of heights. I get a funny feeling in my stomach when I reach uncomfortable heights.

We let Yohan join us on the big ferris wheel. I tried my best not to show Yohan that I was nervous. At first Yohan was hesitant to join us. He told me that it was too high but we told him that it will be a fun ride. Yohan loved it. He was amazed at the beautiful lights (we rode the ferris wheel at night)as he looked down.

It was a fun filled day. My lil' boy cried a little when it was time to go home. I told him we can always come back another time. May be on our next visit, he can join us on the other rides.

What's the scariest ride you've tried?

Wishing you all a Wonderful New Year!!!

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