Thursday, December 21, 2006

Candy Cane and more

Just a few more days before Christmas. I'm finally done with my Christmas shopping. Just need to wrap a few more gifts then I can relax and enjoy the rest of the season.

Jules' family are having Noche Buena (Christmas Eve celebration) at our house this year. I'm sure Yohan will enjoy being the center of attention on Christmas Eve.

We were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom tomorrow but it has been raining these past few days. Yohan has been patiently waiting for his first trip to Enchanted Kingdom but if it rains again tomorrow morning, then we have to postpone it for another day. I wish the weather would cooperate tomorrow.

On the photo: Yohan holding his candy cane with marshmallows inside. He loves marshmallows but he hasn't opened his candy cane yet. He said he'll open and eat the marshmallows on Christmas Eve. :)

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