Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Monday Madness

Hi everyone! I'm back! Thanks for all the notes of concern. We're very lucky that the storm did not cause damage in our area as expected. The recent storm changed its path so it did not directly hit us. Sad to say, many lives were claimed by the storm in other provinces. I pray for all those who have perished and the people they have left behind.

I'm late for this week's Monday Madness because I did not have internet access for almost a week. There was a problem with the port and due to the storm, it took several days before Digitel could fix it. The problem was solved just a few minutes ago and I'm now eagerly making up for lost time. I certainly missed blogging very much. I'll reply to all your comments after this. Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments. I really appreciate each one. Anyway, here are my answers for this week's Monday Madness. It's fill in the blanks this week. My answers are in blue.

1. I wish people would just take time to be kind and a little more considerate to each and everyone.

2. My biggest pet peeve where other drivers are concerned, is when drivers neglect traffic regulations, thus endangering other drivers on the road .

3. I will probably spend about a few thousand Pesos on holidays this season.

4. I really hope to meet with friends I haven't seen for a while by the end of this calendar year.

5. I make about a dozen resolutions each year, and keep just one or none of them.

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