Saturday, December 16, 2006

Photo Hunt :: Annoying


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My husband found this poor King Fisher hanging on a barb wire near our house several months ago. I posted about it when it happened. I decided to use this photo again for this week's Photo Hunt.

The rope tied to the bird's foot got entangled in the barb wire. My husband saved this poor bird. He removed the rope and put it inside a cage which he made just for the King Fisher. My husband put it inside the cage for a short time so it could regain its strength. After several minutes, he let it go. It didn't fly right away but seemed to linger as if it wanted to say thank you. Then it flew away and we never saw it again. We hope it didn't have any permanent damage and it survived its traumatic experience.

It's very annoying how some people have little regard of animal life. I believe that we have no right to hurt and abuse animals. I hope people will learn to respect all living things.

For more pictures about this, you can refer to my previous post :: Feathers in Distress.

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