Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Tour of UK

Inspired by some of my blog friends' remarks about my wish to visit London someday with my family, I remembered I had this book called The Book of London given to me by my late Uncle Bebot. It's a complete guide to the nation's historic capital. I went through this book and was captivated by the richness and beauty that London has to offer. Some of you expressed the desire of touring UK, particularly London, Manchester and Birmingham. Join me as I take a peek at some exciting places that make them so captivating for tourists.

First stop is London. My Dad has given me a lovely overview of London. It would be nice to see Kensington Palace, The London Eye, Tower of London, London Dungeon, Chelsea Flower Show, and the Madame Tussaud's/Planetarium. While visiting those historic places and modern attractions, you might consider the following Hotels in London.

Next stop would be Manchester. Places I heard worth visiting are Manchester Craft and Design Centre, Imperial War Museum, Manchester United Museum and the Walkden Gardens to name a few. After going to those museums, a little recreation at Middleton Leisure Centre would help rejuvenate the senses. You may be interested in these Hotels in Manchester.

Birmingham is another great destination. It would a fun experience to watch live shows, concerts and exhibitions during the famous Film & TV and Jazz Festival. Here are the Hotels in Birmingham to consider for accommodation. Hope you had fun taking a quick virtual tour with me and hope some of you can take a real and memorable trip to UK soon.

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