Thursday, October 11, 2007

Growing a "Pet"

Yohan and I have been a little busy growing our own pets. See for yourselves ...

Day 1 (am) - I bought this Growing Pet egg at the mall for Yohan. I saw it near the cashier. I read the instructions and got curious so I bought one.

Day 1 (pm) - I helped Yohan put the egg in a bowl of water. According to the instructions, we have to wait for 12 to 24 hours for the egg to break.

Day 2 (am) - The first thing that Yohan said when he opened his eyes the following day was, "Did the egg hatch already?" So we went to check, and there was a head peeking out of the egg. It was starting to hatch.

Yohan was very egg-cited and asked if he could hold it for a while. I said yes as long as he promised to put it back again in the water so it could continue to hatch. I took Yohan to school and left the egg at home.

Day 2 (pm) - When we got home from the school, it was almost fully hatched but not quite so left it alone and took a nap. After a refreshing sleep, Yohan and I went to check it again and the chick was already waiting for us. Yehey! Yohan christened this chick Henny.

Day 3 (am) - Early this morning, we let Henny join Chickee (sorry we weren't able to document Chickee's coming out.) Notice that they are shorter than the container/bowl. We left the two chicks to get acquainted and went to school.

Day 3 (pm) - When we got home, Yohan went to say hi to his pets and to his surprise, they grew taller and a little plump. They are now taller than the container/bowl.

Watch out for more updates on Henny (right) and Chickee (left).

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