Saturday, October 06, 2007

A String of Blessings

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!" ~ George Elliston

I want to thank three beautiful and sweet Filipina friends for the wonderful awards they gave me. I feel so blessed! It almost feels like it's my birthday.

It was just recently when Darlene of My Life, My World gave me an I YOUR BLOG AWARDand I'm so overwhelmed that she gave me two new awards. This very sweet lady awarded me a FABULOUS AWARD and NET BUDDIES FRIENDSHIP AWARD. Darlene has a new site called Mommy's Gibble Gabbles where she proudly shares about her home and the people close to her heart.

Thank you again Darlene! Sending you my heartfelt gratitude for giving my a multitude of kindness.

Lynn of Everything and Then Some gave me the EGEL NEST BLOG AWARD. I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Lynn in person during the PMN lunch. I admire how she successfully balances her great career and her role as a wife and mother. Lynn is a terrific mom to A. I love reading about their mother and daughter bondings. Lynn has a flair for finding the best places to eat in the metro. I love going with her on a virtual gastronomic tour. :)

Thank you Lynn for the sweet recognition and the kind words you wrote about me on your blog.
Rachel, the most awarded blogger I know. :) She deserves every recognition she gets. Like Chats, we've met and looking forward for more EBs. :) She is naturally sweet especially to her little mister sunshine, Yohan. Check out her sketches too, she's very creative. ~ Lynn

Rowena of The Sweet Life gave me an I YOUR BLOG AWARD and EGEL NEST BLOG AWARD. I haven't met Rowena in person yet but I already feel a connection with her. I was drawn to her sweet and friendly nature. I appreciate her daily visits and messages on my blog. It's nice how she would sometimes send me mobile text messages to let me know she read my post or simply greet me a great day ahead.

Thanks Wenchie for these wonderful awards. I hope to meet you in person soon.

I will post another entry soon to share these awards to my blog friends.

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