Monday, October 15, 2007

Circle of Blessings

I feel so blessed to receive wonderful awards from friends. I have thanked them in an earlier post and I will always remember their thoughtfulness. It's about time to share these blessings. Each award goes to 10 friends so a total of 50. :) I wish I could give everyone an award but I'm sure more wonderful surprises await in the future.

This I Your Blog goes to Jo, Toni, Junnie, Tina, Alice, Nancze, Daphne, Dine, Chats , Evi

Sharing Fabulous award to Annamanila, Vicki, Dexie, Belle, Noemi, Liz, Analyse, Kailani, Mitch, Janice

Sharing this friendship award to Rowena, Teacher Julie, Julie, Lynn, Sandy, Tisha, Sasha, Stacy (Vader's Mom), Tani, Mary

Sharing this wonderful recognition to Darlene, Auee, Raquel, Mike, Feng, Cookie, Gracie, Stacy , Tammy , Irene

I would like to thank Grams for this sweet treat. I really appreciate such a sweet gesture.

This award originated from Hootin Anni. She is requesting that if we decide to pass this on, we can try making new friends by awarding this award to random visitors.

I'd like to share this treat to Yen, Carver, Linda, Maiylah, Captain Lifecruiser, , Nina, Rambler, Babyamore

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