Saturday, October 27, 2007

Capt. Yohan Cheers Me On Another Internet-Less Day

Another Internet-Less Day ... the technical support guy did not make it today. My hubby wanted to go out and watch a movie but I said I had to wait for the tech guy to come because he will fix my Internet problem. That's why I'm frustrated and irritated that he didn't show his face today. He didn't even had the courtesy to call me that he wasn't going to make it despite my follow-up calls at his office.

I pay my bills on time and what do I get in exchange? It's pathetic when you receive poor customer service.

I'm here at the house of my hubby's cousin. They are outside playing poker and I have the computer to myself. The computer has become part of my daily routine and it's weird being suddenly deprived of it. Thank goodness I know people who are kind enough to let me use their PC.

Going back to my Internet problem, I called the customer service and demanded to talk to their supervisor. Upon talking to her, I was assured the tech guy was coming tomorrow. I was surprised because tomorrow is Sunday but hopeful that by tomorrow, I'll have my Internet connection restored.

Oh well, on a brighter side, we had a Halloween dress rehearsal at home. Ha ha! Yohan is going to be a Pirate this Halloween. On Trick or Treating night, I will let him wear black shoes and a black bandana. My son says he is Captain Yohan from the Seven Seas. :) He has cough and colds right now but hopefully, he will be well in time for Halloween.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'll visit you soon when my connection is restored. For those who have tagged me, sorry I haven't posted them yet. I will work on them soon. Take care!

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