Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tagged :: Santa Sentences ... Plus A Letter from Santa

I've been tagged by Jo to do this meme. Sorry for the delay.

Jo asked me to let my son, Yohan complete the sentences below and it was fun doing this meme together. Here are Yohan's answers...
1. I love Santa.
2. Santa is someone who likes cookies and milk and gives us gifts on Christmas.
3. If I were in a room with Santa, I would say hi.
4. I think Santa should gift everyone presents.
5. Santa needs his sleigh and reindeer.
6. I want to kiss Santa.
7. Someday Santa will go go here.
8. Santa reminds me of Christmas
9. Without Santa Barney can't go there.
10. My memories of Santa are the train and gifts at his toy factory. (Referring to DVD of Barney's trip to North Pole).
11. Santa can be funny.
12. The worst thing about Santa is nothing. (Yohan had a hard time answering this one.)
13. The best thing about Santa is his magic sleigh and reindeer.
14. I am friends with Santa.
15. One thing I would like to know about Santa is where he lives in North Pole.
16. Santa should go and help poor children.
17. Santa is good to me.

Everyone is welcome to do this meme. Have fun and remember that Santa is watching over you and checking his list twice. :)

There are 310 days before Christmas and if you haven't written a letter to Santa yet, there's a cool site where you can make a letter to Santa. I helped my son make a letter to Santa using this e-form and the great thing is that you get a quick reply from him. :)

Here is Santa's reply to my son (click below to have a clear view).

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