Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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I was tagged by Cookie of ScroochChronicles for this meme.

What Were You Thinking when you first met your current partner? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other)

The first time I met my husband was at work. Before I even met him in person, there was already some buzz circulating at the workplace that the nephew of the boss might be assigned to the Makati branch (where I was working). It was not taken lightly by my colleagues thinking he might be a threat or even a spy. The rumors did not materialize. He was assigned at the main branch which came as a welcome relief to everyone in our branch.

We were properly introduced when our group went to the main office. He seemed friendly although he didn't talk much. More brief encounters followed but nothing extraordinary.

Then one time, just when our group was about to leave the office, his driver came to our service and gave me a large Toblerone. He said it was from Jules and left in a hurry. I was puzzled but didn't have time to question the reason behind the gift. That same afternoon, I received a message in my beeper from Jules asking if I received the chocolate. That first message was like an ice-breaker. After a few beeper messages, he began calling me on the phone. Our first date was at a car show. To cut the long story short, my colleagues and I realized Jules was the opposite of our first impression. He became an ally and a good friend of everyone. Then we became more than friends. :)

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