Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tagged :: Ten Random Things About My Mom

GreyMom tagged me to do this nice meme. I appreciate the tag Mary. Here are some random facts about my Mom:

a picture of my mom Gloria

1. Simple and practical when it comes to herself but lavish on her children.
2. She was operated for appendicitis when she was pregnant with me.
3. My mom started her career as a teacher.
4. She has phobia with all kinds of birds. She doesn't even eat chicken.
5. My mom loves John Denver songs.
6. Her waistline when she was single was 23. Oh, why didn't I get that gene? :)
7. She has lovely skin. Another gene I wish I inherited.
8. Being thoughtful and generous are among her wonderful traits.
9. Sadly she suffers from motion sickness so it's not easy for her to travel.
10.She's kindhearted and loving. I'm blessed to receive unconditional love from her.

I won't be tagging anyone but please feel free to share random things about your mother. I enjoyed doing this meme and hope you would too.

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