Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Prince Meets a Princess

My little Prince meets Tita Princess (more fondly called as Prency in the family) for the first time. Tita is a Filipino endearment for Aunt.

Tita Prency is a dear aunt and blogmate as well. She is the first one in the family who learned about my personal blog. Some of you may have already met her in the blogosphere. Her site is called The CooknTcher Mom. She's here in the country for a vacation with her husband, Tito Ed.
Yohan is so thrilled to receive lots of wonderful gifts from Tita Prency and Tito Ed. Here are just some of the wonderful gifts he received. He also received several Matchbox die-cast cars, clothes, book and yummy goodies.

Thank you Tita Prency, Tito Ed and family for all the great gifts you gave our family. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Have a fabulous vacation!

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