Thursday, July 06, 2006

Young girl


Sometimes, I wish I could be young again. Life was so simple when I was a young girl. Playing with my friends, oblivious to the chaos happening around the world.

Years passed and now I realize that things are different.
I've learned that life in reality is complicated and sometimes cruel.
Bitterness, regret, loneliness, frustration, anger, misery are just among the negative emotions that I've experienced in life.
There are days when negative emotions outweigh the happy ones.

I'm disappointed with so many aspects in my life.
Tears flow. Tears run dry. It becomes a pathetic cycle.
My heart is bruised and tired. It's easier to give up when there's only myself to think of but my son keeps me from losing hope.

Now, it's his time to enjoy the pleasures of childhood.
I just hope and pray that he does not make the same mistakes that I did.
I hope he'll have a bright future ahead of him.

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