Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An Ode to Miko ...

Yesterday, we buried a companion, a friend and a sweet little dog ... Miko.
He passed away on June 10, 2006 around 4:00 in the afternoon.
He was nine years old.

Looking back ...

It was the summer of 1997. I was in school taking summer classes [college].
I was at Aristo (canteen) with Tech.
I saw a lady going around with a cute, white, fluffy puppy.
I thought she must either be parading the puppy to her friends or selling him.
She didn't approach our table.

She was going out of the canteen...
Something inside told me to go after her and ask about the puppy. So I did.
She was indeed selling the puppy. Apparently, her dog gave birth to a litter of seven.
She was selling the puppy, a mixed breed of sorts for P750.
I didn't hesitate and bought the puppy on the spot.
Tech and I got a cab and took the puppy home.

I named him Miko.

I wasn't looking for a new puppy.
In fact, I told myself that after Spotty and Bunny, I would never get another dog. It was a big responsibility and I realized that losing a pet could be devastating.
I asked myself, did I make a mistake? May be I was too impulsive (as usual).

But Miko was such an adorable little puppy that everyone just warmed up to him in no time. We just fell in love with him.

He was cute but also full of mischief. He simply loved chewing on things around him. Miko was so full of energy. He was like a ball that never got tired of bouncing to and fro.

Lyonnel and I bought him a cute basket bed at Bio Research and a collar with a tiny bell. Perhaps, Miko mistook the bed for a chewing toy 'coz he slowly chewed on it the moment he saw it. hahaha!

A Strong Fighter ...

Parvo Virus

During his early years Miko got sick. He contracted the Parvo virus. Apparently, many unvaccinated dogs in the area were getting sick at that time. Miko became very frail because of fever, LBM and vomitting.

The vet, Dr. Feliciano, gave me a poor prognosis. Many of the sick dogs in the area already died. But he said, there was still hope. He gave Miko some medicines and instructed me to force feed him with amm (from rice) every now and then using a syringe.

I let Miko sleep in my room while he was sick. I gave him his medication and made sure he was always warm. I patiently fed him with amm until he regained his own strength to eat on his own.

When the vet made a house visit, he was glad that Miko regained his strength very quickly and was told that he seemed out of danger. He said that aside from the medication, my constant care made a big difference. Deep inside, I knew Miko was a fighter.

Bladder Stones

Around two years ago, Miko went through an operation because of bladder stones. At first Miko slowly lost his appetite. Then we noticed that he had some difficulty urinating. We brought him to the vet, Dr. Yatco.

He gave Miko some medicines and we were told to observe him in the next couple of days. After a day or two, Miko urinated blood. I was terrified. Jules and I brought him to the vet immediately. He was scheduled for an operation the same day. He was confined for several days at the doctor's clinic.

I cried on the first night that Miko was confined. I just couldn't help but feel sorry for him. I thought he might be scared to be in a strange place with strange people around him. I was afraid that he might thought that I have abandoned him or something.

Jules took me to see Miko the following day. He was still sedated and hooked on an IV. The vet showed us the stones that he got from Miko's body. They were very small, pea-sized. I had mixed emotions. I was happy that the operation was successful but I was sad that we couldn't bring him home with us.

We visited Miko several times while he was confined. On our third visit, he was back to his normal self again. He just needed to stay for one more day or two. Everyone was happy when we took Miko home, inlcuding his labrador friend and companion, Bruno.

To ensure his continued progress, we were told to change Miko's diet. We were advised to feed him with Science Prescription Diet U/D. He also needed to take some medication and vitamins.

Goodbye Miko ...

Miko's health deteriorated these past few days. He expereinced slight fever and I immediately gave him some medicines. He recovered from his fever but he slowly lost his appetite. I forced fed him with amm but he would throw up after an hour or two.

Yesterday morning, I fed him with amm. He didn't reject it but there was a sad and different look on his eyes. I felt that he was saying goodbye and might be going away soon. I talked to him and told him that I love him very much. I told him to keep on holding on.

I prayed to God and asked Him to do what is best. I wanted Miko to live but I knew Miko was getting old and after a major operation, I just didn't want him to suffer again. I entrusted Miko to God.

Miko has always been a fighter but when I saw the look on his eyes that morning, I knew he wanted to rest.

Jules and I were supposed to bring him to the doctor that same afternoon but before we could do so, I was told by Yaya that Miko passed away. I didn't cry when I heard the news. Perhaps, I was still in denial. I even asked Yaya if she was sure. I only cried when I saw Miko's lifeless body. I asked Yaya to cover Miko with his beddings. I didn't want Bruno to see him like that. I felt very sad for Bruno as well, because they have been companions for several years. I know Bruno will feel the burden of losing a friend.

I called Jules and told him about the sad news. He said he will pick me up so we could bury Miko.

I couldn't get out of the car. I just kept crying. I waited while Jules buried Miko at a place near his poultry farm. I was very sad. I asked Jules to bury Miko's beddings and doggie clothes.

I hope and pray that Miko is now at rest and happy where he is. I will always be thankful to Miko for making me happy, being a loyal and devoted friend and loving me without question.

I'll miss my dearest friend.

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