Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lesser evil

I finally went to see a doctor for a check-up [last saturday]. The lumps on the right side of my neck has become noticeable swollen and it seems to have multiplied in number.

A little prick on the neck ... didn't look at the needle. Concentrated on Jules' face across the room. A minor sting when the needle was injected but it was over in a jiff. Thank goodness for the doctor's accurate aim, I didn't feel much pain. He pulled out some mass from the lump and had it sent to the laboratory. I'll get it a week after.

More pricking ... blood test and skin test. I certainly felt like a human pin cushion.

More tests ... couple of xrays. I didn't mind coz it didn't involve any pain.

It's not as bad as I initially thought. What a relief. Just need to take some meds and things are back to an equilibrium.

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