Monday, July 24, 2006

A Wonderful Reunion

Tita Maan is here on vacation with her family. She invited us to her daughter's birthday celebration at Max's Q.C. It was a triple bday celebration. It was also the birthdays of Joshua and Jurice.

I remember how Tita Maan loved organizing family get togethers. She was like the family's official events organizer.

The birthday party was also a family reunion. Tita Memia, Marmie and Marc are also here on vacation and they were with us at the party. It was indeed nice to see relatives that I haven't seen for a while.

Yohan had a wonderful time playing with his cousins Alex and Cuatro. I admire Cuatro for being a great kuya. He generously shared his toys with Yohan.

Too bad Yohan wasn't able to grab one of the sunflower tags at the pabitiin. Each one was equivalent to a cute puppy stuffed toy. Alex was one of the lucky ones.

But Yohan didn't go home empty handed. In fact, Yohan happily went home with Simba. The stuffed toy was given to him by Tita Maan and family. What a lucky little boy. Cuatro also received an equally cute bear. All the kids were very happy and so were their parents. ha! ha!

It would be nice to have family get togethers more often.

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