Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rain ... Yesterday and Today

It's a wonder how the significance of a particular thing can change over the years. For instance, rain meant something else back then compared to what it means to me today. Let me elaborate...

Y - Yesterday
T - Today

Y: It felt romantic to go out on a date during a rainy night.
T: As a parent, I worry that the rainy season will bring diseases like dengue fever, flu and common cough and colds.

Y: Perfect time for a drink with friends at ESL Q.C. (the glass windows made it perfect to watch the rain from inside).
T: The rain will take the laundered clothes longer to dry
than usual.

Y: There is a chance that exams will be moved if classes are suspended.
T: My child won't be able to go out to the park to play.

Y: It was exciting to drive to Tagaytay with friends to have coffee.
T: I feel more vulnerable travelling by car because of the slippery road.

Y: Suspension of classes due to typhoons was a great excuse to relax and head to the mall with friends.
T: Prices of basic commodities often go up during typhoons.

1 comment:

pari said...

We're becoming more and more of worrywarts aren't we? What's happening here? Thanks, it's going ot be food for thought the next time I see rain.