Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yohan's 3rd Birthday

It's Yohan's 3rd birthday today. We bought him 3 cupcakes and placed a candle in each one. Yohan was thrilled when he saw the cupcakes. Everyone in the house joined in singing Happy Birthday and Yohan blew the candles on his own.

He enjoyed blowing the candles that we let him do it several times. Jules and I put some candles on three pieces of mamom so Yohan could have another go. It was like a candle blowing frenzy. ha! ha! We ate the cupcakes and the mamon afterwards.

Yohan had a great time opening his presents. He received lots of Thomans and friends die-cast trains and two new connectible playsets. We could read how happy he was just by looking at him.

The three of us continued Yohan's birthday celebration by having dinner at Alabang. We tried a new restaurant called French Corner. We had some lovely green salad followed by my Chicken Roulade and Jules' juicy angus steak. Yohan and I shared the chicken. The food was very good. As usual Yohan's favorite part of the meal is the dessert. He merrily ate his chocolate ice-cream and gave me the cherry.

Yohan received a wonderful surprise from the restaurant staff. They sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him a beautiful cake. It was a very pleasant surprise.

We brought the cake home. Yohan was upset for a while when his Dad sliced the cake. But his mood changed for the better when he tasted the delicious chocolate cake.

What a lovely evening ...

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