Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jollibee's Brief Appearance in Glee

Our very own well-loved Pinoy fast food chain, Jollibee makes a cameo in Glee. Jollibee’s appearance on Glee was brief and yet the online world couldn't get enough of it.

The much talked about Jollibee appearance in Glee can be seen on the episode “Dream On” which was directed by Joss Whedon. Dream big --- that’s what Artie (Kevin McHale) did as he and other dancers strutted in a flash-mob style daydream sequence to the tune of “Safety Dance” (originally performed by Men Without Hats in the 80’s).

When Bryan Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris) asks Artie to write down his greatest dream, Artie wrote the single word "dancer." A person in wheelchair who dreams of becoming a dancer will touch anyone’s heart. It’s a really a heart-wrenching moment.

Viewers are used to seeing Artie confined to his wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury. It’s a pleasure to see Artie rise from his wheel chair and dance with such explosive energy in the dream sequence. The unadulterated Glee flash-mob dance is a captivating scene filled with vibrant moves.

Honestly, I thought Artie was a real wheelchair bound person. He portrays his role very convincingly.

While people are mesmerized by Artie’s great dance moves and flexible maneuvers, a familiar red sign peeks at the corner of the screen. Jollibee's brief international exposure in Glee even became a trending topic in Twitter.

Please check out my POC Sosyal article about it. - Jollibee is in Glee!

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kayni said...

Was this planned? Sorry, I wasn't aware of this. Could it be that Jollibee is a sponsor of the show? Sorry, so many questions. I miss my Jolly Hotdog a

Heart of Rachel said...

@Kayni - No, it wasn't planned. According to the PR manager of Jollibee, it's just incidental but they are very pleased about it.

lagal[og] said...

Nice location for Jollibee as it was near the big open area of whatever mall the production number sequence was shot. Bagay din naman kasi Glee rhymes with bee :D

Alice Teh said...

This is so good, Rachel!

the donG said...

havent been watching the new season yet. but for this, i have to look for this in youtube.

katcarneo said...

I watched this on youtube and I'm such a lover of Jollibee (as a kid I looked forward to Jollibee as reward food, and as a teenager I spent a long time as a service crew) that I couldn't help but be so pleased!