Monday, May 03, 2010

How To Make a Race Car Using a Box

Transform a big cardboard box into something fun and useful.  You can make a race car using a big box. It's a great project for the family. 

  • Big cardboard box
  • 6-7 paper plates
  • 4-6 red cartolina (poster board)
  • colored paper or construction paper
  • glue gun (ordinary glue if you don't have a glue gun)
  • scissors
  1. Fold the two long flaps of the box inside. Do the same with one of the short flaps. Glue them permanently using a glue gun.  Another option is to cut the three said flaps.
  2. Fold the remaining short flap at the middle and form into an inverted V.  Glue the lower sides of the flap to the box.
  3. Cover the outer box with red cartolina (or any preferred color).  You can use the rest of the cartolina to cover the inner box. 
  4. Enjoy designing your own wheels using paper plates. Use colored/construction paper and cut-outs to make desired details. Simply attach the four wheels on the box using a glue gun.
  5. Make a steering wheel using paper plate if desired. You can glue the steering wheel or secure it with a button fastener just below the dashboard.
  6. Use two paper plates for the headlights.  Adjust the size by cutting it into smaller circles.  Use red colored/construction paper for the outer border and yellow for the inner circle. 
  7. Cut red and yellow circles and glue them at the back of the box to serve as tail lights.
  8. If you have a printer at home, you can search and print pictures of a speedometer, fuel gauge, tachometer (rpm gauge), etc. Glue them on the dashboard.
  9. Have fun adding more details to your car.  
My son requested for a Ferrari.  It was fun watching my husband and son create a cardboard Ferrari. All I did was print the Ferrari emblems. When it was done, Yohan grabbed his small chair and placed it inside. He hopped in and he let his imagination take him to his destination. Vroom ... vroom!!!

You can also use this cardboard race car as a toy chest.  I'm sure you can use this project to encourage your child to be responsible by putting away his toys after he play time.

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Reena said...

grabe rach. you are so creative. u remind me of martha stewart. :D

though im not yet married nor have kids, naisip ko tuloy it must be fun to have boys. dati kasi naisip ko better to have girls. haha. tc!

Kayni said...

this is a great idea. thank you for sharing. i would not have been able to think of transforming a simple box into something fun.

Lalaine said...

Galing! very creative talaga! sana sipagin ako para makagawa din ako ng ganyan para sa mga abubot ko :D

grechie said...

hehehehe!!!! ang ganda naman ng family bonding ninyo. ganda nung car....

Ibyang said...

i love it rach!!! :) ang ganda ;)

kay said...

Hmmm ... magawa nga to with my son ... thanks Rachel! the best ka talaga

Jaana said...

Thank you for visiting Happy Snappy, Rachel! Glad you enjoyed your visit. :)

Also, thanks for this cool race car tip, I know my nephews would love one!

Kia said...

Ciao Rach, thanks for visiting both my blog and Happy Snappy. :)

I love your idea of using the beautiful and creative cardboard race car as a toy chest! I would have been so much more fond of order as a kid with such a cool toy chest ;) hehe! I was quite a tomboy and I had a few cardboard cars myself. And I loved them! :D Never had a Ferrari, lucky Yohan!

Hugs from Scotland!

Tetcha said...

This is a bright idea! Love the Ferrari emblems on the cardboard race car!

the donG said...

very very creative there. i think i need to do one for my nephew but the problem is, with his clumsiness... it might not last a day or two.

JO said...

Wow! amazing... and cool ferrari.

Wena said...

that was a nice race car. you're so creative...ang galing!!!

Realliveman said...

So cool. I want one! I am going to make one! My wife and daughter already think I am crazy, so i can make one with out being laughed at.

Anonymous said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

Pearl said...

Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing how to create one.

Hope you are doing well.

Alice Teh said...

Very, very nice! Such a great idea, Rachel. And look at Yohan. He's very happy with his car!