Sunday, November 01, 2009

Preparing Outer and Inner Self Before Giving Birth

Some factors may help contribute to an easy delivery. It is important to prepare both the outer and inner self. Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually can help you prepare for an easy natural childbirth. Below are some suggestions that might be helpful.

It is essential for every pregnant woman to take prenatal vitamins, eat healthy foods and do some easy exercises. You can ask your doctor to suggest an exercise regime that will help strengthen your body and prepare you for labor. Your doctor may suggest stretching and walking.

Some women especially first time mothers-to-be tend to be overcome with worries and fears. Too much worrying can build up tension and lead to stress. It would help if you focus on happy thoughts. Look on the brighter side of giving birth. Think about how wonderful it would be to feel your baby in your arms for the first time.

Be surrounded with people and things that make you happy. Read uplifting books, listen to soothing music, watch a movie with a happy ending or simply enjoy good and healthy food. Spend time with family and friends who can give you the moral support that you need.

Praying and meditating may help you prepare for labor. Prayer has the power to give us courage to face what the future may bring. Believing that God will help you in your time of labor can give you the will and strength you need at that moment. Praying for safe delivery can bring inner peace, put fears at bay and help calm the senses.

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Maria @ Conversations with Mom said...

Great points. I learned the first time around that Labor does require a lot of preparation. I'm still scared. LOL.