Monday, November 02, 2009

A Pirate For The Second Time Around

My family and I went to the mall to buy Halloween treats and a ninja costume for Yohan. Superhero and scary costumes were abundant but sadly they run out of ninja costumes. I couldn't believe it! I offered to buy him another costume instead but he didn't like any of the available ones. He told me he would rather wear one of his old costumes.

Yohan was unusually quiet. I thought he was upset about the costume but I found out later that he wasn't feeling well. We were at the grocery buying treats when he showed signs of nauseousness so we decided to go home early.

Hubby and I decided to let Yohan skip the annual village Halloween activity at the clubhouse so he could rest. Surprisingly, he felt re-energized after a short rest at home.

Treats for Trick or Treat

At last year's Trick or Treat, he was Thomas the Tank Engine. This year he donned his black shirt with a skull, striped pants and hook ... a pirate for the second time around.

Captain Yohan

Yohan was able to make a few rounds in the village but the rain came at an unwelcome time. We had to cut Trick or Treat short because of the weather. Thankfully Captain Yohan wasn't too disappointed. He still managed to have fun. The other kids were discouraged to continue due to persistent rain. I have lots of Halloween treats left. Care for some? :)

(edited: 11/06/2009)
In the spirit of Halloween, I helped Yohan make Halloween cards for his teachers and pumpkin cut-outs for his classmates.

Yohan thought of the concept. I just helped him make cut-out figures.

DIY Halloween cards

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Daphne said...

Cute naman ni Yohan in his pirate costume.

Oh yes Rach I want some treats ... thanks! =)

Alice Teh said...

I hope Yohan is feeling better. He looks cute in that costume!

henny said...

Cute pics....
Wonderful halloween you had.

odette said...

he's cuuute!
i've been eating treats leftover too since sunday! ^-^

Maria @ Conversations with Mom said...

He looks so adorable.

Aargh! Maties!

renn said...

i like his costume!

JO said...

cool Pirate!

princess said...

Wish I had any artistic talent....... sighhhhhhh
BTW, Yohan looks so good i his costume. He looks so like his daddy, too.....

Kay said...

I love the cards ... very nice ... I can't wait till B will do those things with me and hopefully my partner who will be his dad in time ... I hope to have what you and Jules have