Sunday, November 01, 2009

Adding Personal Touches To Your Aparment

You may consider an apartment to be a temporary place to stay. It is up to you if you want your pad to look blank and empty or comfortable and cozy. You can make a difference by adding personal touches to your apartment. You can give your pad a homey atmosphere in more ways than one. When you do, chances are it will make you feel much closer to home.

Here are some suggestions that you might consider when you rent apartments.
  • Furniture - Choose furniture that suit your personal taste and style. Make sure your furniture are right for your space. If you have a small apartment, avoid bulky furniture that take too much space.
  • Plants and Flowers - Live plants and fresh flowers can make your place livelier. There are some indoor plants that are easy to maintain.
  • Pictures - Display picture frames of family, friends and people you love. You can be more creative by making a photo collage of people close to your heart. Images of people dear to you can bring life to an empty apartment.
  • Memento - Bring an item or items that have significant meaning to your life. You can bring an old stuffed toy, a trophy you won, a cross stitch frame, an old vase, a memorable figurine, or favorite pillows.
  • Pets - Some apartments allow pets. If you have time and dedication to take care of pets, then it's a nice idea to have one in your apartment. A pet would be a great companion. For people with busy lifestyles, small pets like fish and birds are easier to take care.

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Maria @ Conversations with Mom said...

This is one area that I'm really weak in. I have no creativity when it comes to decorating my home.