Saturday, November 07, 2009

Antique Shipping

Antiques are beautiful things that have stood the test of time. There are many different antiques. There are vintage jewelry, furniture, art pieces, carvings and more. People who collect antiques make sure that their valuable items are safe. It takes time, money and effort to take care of antiques. Transferring antiques from one location to another requires dependable antique shipping. Safety is a top priority among antique owners. It is very important to protect antiques by using durable packaging materials. Special attention is given to fragile and delicate items. Some antiques are priceless and need expert packaging techniques to assure that the items are properly protected from damages.

There are many factors that can affect antiques such as exposure to direct sunlight, humidity, moisture and more. These factors make antiques sensitive. Proper care and special handling are very important when it comes to international shipping. Long travel hours make antiques vulnerable. It is vital to have knowledge of international shipping requirements to avoid problems and delays. Before committing to a courier, it is advisable to check if they have a minimum. Take advantage of movers that do not require minimums. Avoid movers that have a lot of restrictions, particularly on the weight of items. Some movers have the ability to ship directly to you. Some can even deliver to a warehouse for temporary storage.

Many antique owners prefer stress-free shipping of their items by hiring a mover that takes care of every detail. There are movers that can supervise picking up, packing, insurance and delivery to the recipient.

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