Friday, October 09, 2009

Red Chair Confessions

I have seen several videos from Red Chair Confessions. The first video I saw triggered my curiosity. The videos' open ended theme has an amazing way of playing with the imagination. After watching more Red Chair Confessions, I realized that the addiction in the videos was a reflection of an addiction for clothes and shoes. My perception didn't fail me because I was right after all. It might come as a big surprise that Talbots is behind the sponsored videos.

I have always had the impression that Talbots' target market is focused on the more mature crowd. To my surprise and delight of many, Talbots has reinvented itself. Talbots now offers hip, modern and affordable clothing line for the women today. Shoppers can expect to find the latest array of women's apparel, shoes and accessories.

Regular shoppers love Talbots' lovely and classic clothing that never goes out of style. One can never go wrong with quality clothes that are perfectly priced. Its touchable textures will make anyone feel sophisticated. It's like a taste of luxury each time you wear one. You may visit their website to see Talbots' beautiful outfits, shoes and accessories. You can share your favorite items with me by leaving a comment. I would love to know about the things that catch your eye. I'm sure you'll find something worth purchasing.

After connecting the videos to Talbots, the videos now make more sense.



Maria @ Conversations with Mom said...

This video is hilarious. I love the Father's acting.

"how can it be wrong when it feels so right"

RennyBA said...

Now you really tempt me to look more into it and with fear! ;-)

Btw: I'm sorry I have not been around that much lately, but have been working hard to find a way so that we could meet. Now It's official and I've planned hard for it: Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 - I do hope you can come and also encourage your other blog friends to participate!

Tani said...

Thanks for sharing. This is the first time I'm learning about Red Chair Confessions and Talbot's.

Kia said...

Thanks for sharing, Rach! Nice, I really liked the video!