Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reaching Level 34 on Farm Town

Last August 7, 2009 I finally reached Level 34, the final level on Farm Town (a popular Facebook game).

It took me more than two months to reach the last level. I must say I invested lots of time and effort on this game. I love its interactive interface. Farming with friends and even with my son is really fun. I found myself playing Farm Town until the wee hours of the morning. Yes, it's an addicting but rewarding game. I always got a sense of fulfillment every time I unlocked new seeds, trees, flowers, paths, ponds, buildings and decorations. One of my favorite parts of the game is decorating my farm.

When I reached Level 34, I was awarded with the privilege of buying a beautiful red mansion. Below is a screenshot of my farm (taken a few minutes ago). I have pumpkins ready for harvest. I decided to plant pumpkins in the spirit of Halloween.

My very own farm.

I love how Farm Town surprises "farmers" with new decorations. As you can see, I have decorated my farm with Halloween stuff. I have a basket of treats in front of my door. You are welcome to knock on my door on Halloween but beware of spooky things along the way. Trick or treat!

It's Halloween on Farm Town.

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henny said...

haha...Rachel, you play it too?
Me just reach 29. Hope we can meet there someday..:)

witsandnuts said...

When I look back at my FT madness, grabe talaga no?! =) Lately ko lang napansin yung halloween items. I farm once a week na lang.

Kia said...

What a beautiful farm you have, Rachel! :) I know many ladies who play too. Seems fun.

louann said...

Well, congrats!! =) I haven't hooked myself to any fb game yet hehe.

hailey said...

wow! you're a pro.