Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Halloween Quest

It's already the first week of October. Just a few more weeks and it's Halloween. It is one of the much anticipated occasions that we look forward to as a family. My son is already excited about this year's Halloween celebration. He wants to be a ninja this year. I just hope I can find a ninja costume for him. Last year he was Thomas the Tank Engine.

My family enjoys decorating our home during Halloween. It's a perfect opportunity to bond with one another. Halloween decorations need not be expensive. In fact, we were able to save money last year by making use of cheap materials and some things we already had in the house. We bought cheap Halloween masks and made use of garbage bags for the body to create a scary Halloween character.

We also made pumpkin candle holders using empty 1-gallon water containers. We simply wrapped the exterior with orange Japanese paper and added black paper cutouts to represent the eyes and mouth. We added a candle inside for the final touch. The kids who went around the village to collect treats appreciated the simple decorations we made.

Do you have an interesting photo, story or video you want to share? There's a fun site where you can share your memorable Halloween stories, images and videos. Check out Jack's Quest to find the best Halloween adventures. I gave it a try. I have entered my simple Halloween story above. Below is my vote button as proof of entry.

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Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest


louann said...

I'm decorating the house for Halloween for the 1st time this year and I am very excited! Although it isn't such a big deal here in Baguio - no activities except for the trick or treat at SM- I still think the kids will have a blast.

Cascia @ Healthy Moms said...

We still don't know what we are doing for Halloween this year yet.

dong ho said...

hahaha... i never tried decorating our house for that theme. but ill definitley love to wear something scary.

now thinking what to do this halloween.

Maria @ Conversations with Mom said...

I can't believe it's October too. I have to start looking for costumes.

Kia said...

Can't wait to see your son dressed up like a ninja! :) Halloween is not a bit thing in Italy or here in Scotland, so probably no celebration for us.

JO said...

no Halloween decor for me... not much fan of Halloween actually, though my kids loved to wear costume. I still don't know what they'll be this year.