Friday, March 13, 2009

Sheild Your Family From Flu

People have different priorities in life. Personally, I value the importance of good health above many things. By prioritizing good health in our family, we can avoid diseases and increase our chances of a long life span. Maintaining best of health can be achieved through good nutrition, regular exercise, and proper vaccinations.

Flu is a big health threat that a lot of people encounter. Flu is far from the ordinary common cough, colds and fever. Flu or locally known as Trangkaso should not be taken lightly. This disease can trigger dangerous complications. Flu does not only affect the health of an individual member of the family but it may also cause unnecessary burden for the whole household. Flu can affect one's productivity and weigh heavily on one's finances.

Take the initiative to protect your family from flu by getting a Bakuna (flu shot). When my son started going to school, I was informed by the pediatrician about the importance of protecting my son against flu. He told me that constant exposure to the outside world can make a child vulnerable to this disease. The pediatrician explained that a flu shot is like a cloak that can protect my son from this harmful disease. Since then, I always bring my son to the pediatrician for his regular flu shot. My husband and I also protect ourselves from flu by getting our respective flu shots.

A good Flu vaccine like Vaxigrip can shield members of the family from the dangers of flu. Learn more important facts about flu and how to combat this disease by visiting Sanofi Pasteur is strongly advocating a flu prevention campaign in order to help people become aware of the dangers of flu and how to effectively fight it head on.

Do you feel safe and secure from flu? Be able to confidently say yes to this question by being Bakunado now. After all, health is a person's greatest wealth.

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