Thursday, December 18, 2008

T-Shirt Giving

I'm counting the days before Christmas and I almost panicked. It seems I'm caught in the Christmas rush. I still have to buy some more gifts for some relatives and friends before I could complete my list. T-Shirts would be nice Christmas gifts.

I'm thinking of getting my cousins and nephews Batman t-shirts, Superman t-shirts and Spider man t-shirts. They love reading comic books and watching these superhero characters on TV. One of my cousins have a wide collection of Spider man times like posters, action figures, shirts, bags and caps.

I have a cousin who would surely appreciate one of those Bob Marley t-shirts because he's a big fan. In fact, I first learned about this famous reggae singer from my cousin. I have learned to love Bob Marley's songs too. Among my favorite songs are Could You Be Loved, One Love, and Waiting In Vain. I always remember my cousin whenever I hear one of Bob Marley's songs being played on the radio.

My college friend loves Simpsons. I also find the Simpsons cute and amusing. I'm sure she would love one of those cool Simpsons t-shirts. There are so many other cute Simpsons items like caps, ceramic mugs, plastic glasses, pint glasses, shot glasses, and even ice cube trays.

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