Friday, December 12, 2008

Preschoolers Health

I went to school this morning to talk to my son's teacher. My son has been absent for two consecutive days because of fever. I went to school to ask for a copy of Pointers For Review for my son's 3rd quarterly final exams scheduled next week. I'm happy that my son is doing better today. His fever has subsided but I'm still monitoring him. I'll help him review this weekend for his exams.

The sudden changes in weather lately have made a lot of preschoolers prone to colds, cough and fever. It was a good thing that I let my son stay home today because it's been drizzling since this morning. I heard over the news that there is a storm building up. I hope that the weather will clear up soon. Here's a good site that discusses How to cope with preschool illnesses.

In cold countries, I understand that proper clothing can be essential to a child's health. For instance, during winter toddlers need the right clothes to keep them warmly bundled up without feeling restrained. Dressing toddler for winter means finding suitable warm clothes that does not hinder mobility. Toddlers are naturally full of energy and they need clothes that can allow them to move, stretch and run freely.

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