Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Heart Cupcakes

I miss blogging! I'm happy to be back. I have a lot of blogs to visit. It seems like I have a lot of making up to do. Thanks to everyone who came by while I was 'absent' from blogging. I'll come by and visit everyone soon. I don't think I can do the visiting overnight so please give me a day or two. :)

Let me share these delectable cupcakes I had over the weekend. The pastel colored cupcakes caught my eye while I was shopping with my best friend at ATC. I bought two cupcakes: dark chocolate and blueberry. I even got to choose the candy topper for my cupcakes. Since Christmas is near, I chose a Christmas tree and a gingerbread man.

The cupcakes were delicious. Soft and moist inside. The icing is very sweet but not overpowering.

ienne's cupcakes
Nice and simple packaging.

Dark chocolate cupcake and blueberry cupcake.

I chose a Christmas tree and a gingerbread man as my cupcake toppers.

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