Monday, April 09, 2007

Yohan's Easter Egg Hunt - 1 of 3

When I was younger, Easter Egg Hunts were not so popular. I only experienced one Easter Egg Hunt when I was a child when some people decided to come up with an Egg Hunt for the kids in our neighborhood. Sadly, the event wasn't repeated the following year.

Yohan is lucky because Easter Egg Hunts have become more popular in the Philippines in the recent years. Actually, Yohan is very lucky because he experienced going Easter Egg Hunting three times last Easter Sunday.

Here are some photos taken on Yohan's Easter Egg Hunt #1 which was initiated by my thoughtful sister-in-law, Ves and her family.

Below, you can see Yohan and his cousins happily searching for Easter Eggs in the vicinity of my in-laws' place. Yohan's basket was a bit small to hold all those Easter Eggs so his Dad helped him carry some.

Each Easter Egg had little surprises in them like small toys, coins, candies and chocolates. Each egg that they got was equivalent to P50.00. Yohan got a nice sum for the eggs that he gathered. The kids were thrilled when Ves handed them more presents after the Egg Hunt. Yohan opened two presents. He got a Hot Wheels card game and Hot Wheels car plus a nice Dinosaur coloring book.

Everyone was excited to see what the kids got. I'm the one in yellow helping Yohan go through his Easter Eggs.

Thanks Keats, Ves and Dee-Dee for the fun and memorable Easter Egg Hunt this year.

The whole family shared a lovely meal after the egg-citing event. Some relatives from the States are here for a vacation which made the family get-together special. You can see my husband, Jules busy with the grill. In one of the photos, Yohan was playing make believe Dinosaur with one of his favorite uncles, Keats. Yohan was still acting as a dinosaur when he posted with the rest of the family. The others enjoyed a good game of mahjong. When everyone took a break to have lunch, Yohan took advantage of the empty table to play with the mahjong.

We had to leave early to attend the first birthday celebration of my best friend's daughter, Alexa at Green Meadows. More to follow...

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