Sunday, April 08, 2007

Have a Blessed Easter!

Wishing you all a meaningful, lovely and fun Easter celebration with people close to your hearts. ~Thanks Kia for the cute sigtag~

Last year, I had time to prepare lovely Easter treats for Yohan and his cousins, Tisha and Dee-Dee. See those eggs in the middle? Jules dyed them in different colors while I dressed them up using some computer print-outs. There was a cowboy, an Indian, a king, a baker, a bunny, and more.

Sadly this year, I've been a little busy and wasn't able to prepare treats for all the kids. Good thing my sister-in-law, Ves texted me earlier inviting Yohan for an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning at my in-law's place.

I was able to prepare a simple basket for Yohan prior to the invitation. I just recycled last year's plastic eggs and bought these cute Pokemon figures that Yohan loves to collect. I'll just put one pokemon and few chocolates inside every egg. I'm sure Yohan would be thrilled to receive new Pokemon.

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