Sunday, April 22, 2007

Friendship Gone Astray

I was resting at SM Prestige lounge in Makati with my husband when a former classmate in grade school and high school saw me. We both looked at one another and there was instant recognition (or so I thought). She called me a different name ... Pauline.

Pauline was my good friend in Grade 6. We had the same height, we both had long hair and almost similar built. We were inseparable. Some friends, classmates and even teachers had slight difficulty telling us apart during some occasions. We spent most of our time together in school and we would talk for hours on the phone. Pauline spent lots of time at my house and vise versa. We had a good friendship. Why the past tense? Something happened which made her cold towards me. Until today I couldn't pinpoint the reason. I just felt that someone got jealous of our friendship and got through her somehow. I just had a hunch that someone backstabbed me.

It just happened all of a sudden that I felt at a loss. We were always together and then one day, I was alone and she was with hanging out with a different crowd. I tried talking to her but she couldn't give me a straight answer. I tried to save our friendship but I felt her mind and heart was closed and I just had to let go.

It was a tough time and being mistaken as Pauline after all those years brought back sad memories.

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