Sunday, April 01, 2007

Yohanism #3

This segment is formerly called Fun Chats with Yohan. Dine a.k.a. Sexy Mom of The D Spot has fondly suggested to call it Yohanism. I like the sound of it and that's the reason behind the new name. Thanks Dine! I'll be using the banner above for this cute segment.

So here are some recent Yohanism:

#1 - At the gasoline station
Me: (I was teasing him.) Yohan can I borrow your coins to pay for the gas?
Yohan: No mommy. Just give your card to the gas boy.
I didn't realize that Yohan understood that the credit card was a form of payment.

#2 - Yohan playing make believe with his Uncle Dino
Yohan: Carry me to the moon.
Dino: Ok but if i carry you to the moon you cannot hear your Dadddy and Mommy anymore.
Yohan becomes silent.
Dino: You still want me to take you to the moon?
Yohan: No please.

#3 - Yohan role playing as a genie
Yohan to Darlene: What's your wish?
Darlene: Yohan my wish is ...
Yohan interrupts her while talking.
Yohan: No, that's wrong! I'm the blue genie.
Yohan corrects Darlene that he is not Yohan but the genie. Yohan adheres to his role very strictly. :)
Darlene: Oh, sorry. Genie I wish for a new car.
Yohan: (waves his hands in the air) Here's your new car.

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