Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yohanism #4

We were watching National Geographic and Yohan heard the narrator say that they were in Madagascar. Yohan turned to look at me.

Yohan: Madagascar?
Me: Yes, that place is called Madagascar.
Yohan: No, Madagascar is my DVD. That's a rainforest.

Yohan and I were coloring a page in his new coloring book together. We finished coloring the trees with green and brown, grass with green, sun with yellow and only the clouds were left. I handed the blue crayon to Yohan to color the clouds.

Yohan: No, not blue, only white.
Me: You can also color the clouds blue because if you use white, you won't see it because the paper is also white.
Yohan: (persistent) Clouds are white, look at the sky mommy. See?!
Me: Okay, here's the white crayon.
Good thing the white crayon was still lightly visible.

We were watching Animal Planet when I saw a black labrador on TV.

Me: Look it's Bruno on TV!
Yohan: No, that's not Bruno.
He dragged me outside and pointed at Bruno lying down at our garage.
Yohan: See mommy, there's Bruno.
He dragged me back inside and pointed at the TV.
Yohan: He only looks like Bruno.
Me: Yes, you're right Yohan. Sorry, mommy's mistake.
Yohan: That's okay.

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