Friday, August 04, 2006

Wheel Cap Pilferage

Darn it! Someone stole one of our car's wheel caps (not actually sure if I got the term right -- i'm referring to the centerpiece of the mag wheels). Not again! We also lost one of the wheel caps of our previous Honda Civic. It also got stolen. I can't believe it could happen twice to us.

Just noticed today, when I was about to ride the car to take my son to school, that a wheel cap was missing. It was probably seized during the stealth of the night while my husband was playing badminton at Lipa. He parked the car just outside the court where he regularly plays.

Sometimes, what seems to be a safe parking area could prove otherwise. Theives seem to randomly pick an area to do their atrocious deed. It's appalling to think that some people are reduced to this kind of illegal act because of the economy's downtrend. Poverty is not a ticket for crime and yet, sadly, some people are inclined to dip their hands in unlawful acts because of extreme poverty.

With a heavy heart, I looked at the hollow area of the mag wheels ... an empty space ... an eye sore. There is a dire need for wheel cap replacement to bring back the aesthetic balance.

Well, at least it's easy to replace. Looking at the bright side, at least it wasn't the actual car that got stolen. That would have been a tremendous disaster.

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