Friday, August 11, 2006

Ellating News in the Morning

Got a phone call this morning.
I heard Lyonnel's exuberrant voice on the other line.
He called to deliver a good news.
What a nice way to start the day.

Its always stimulating to hear good news esp. in the morning.
Lyonnel called to say that Alexa's results came in.
He called the previous night to tell me that her daughter might have amebiases.
It was so sad to hear that Alexa, being only 3 months old might be suffering for such illness.

Lyonnel sounded so sad last night.
That's why the change on his tone this morning was a real welcome.
He sounded very happy when I answered my cellphone.
There was a good reason behind his cheerful tone.

He called to tell me that he just got the lab results.
Alexa was negative for amebiases.
Thank God.
What a relief!

Lyonnel called to thank me for my prayers.
He said that he's always thankful to have me as a best friend.
I told him that I felt the same way.
If he only knew how much his friendship meant to me.

When we put down the phone, I felt I wanted to say more.
Since he was already on the road, on his way to work, I decided to text him instead so he could read it when he reached the office.
This was my text message to him:
Thank you for calling best friend. It's always ellating to hear good news esp. in the morning. I'm so glad Alexa is fine. Looking back, we used to talk about school, what music was cool, the latest car accessories and new places to go. You'll know that we've been through so much together because of how our conversations have evolved. From school, cars and now baby stuff. I'm really grateful that we've shared so many things together. Hope we'll always be like this.
Lyonnel replied:

You will always be my best friend. You and your family will always be family to
me. We shall never change. Love you, Jules and Yohan. Thank you for your

Hearing his voice and reading those words were enough to ensure a great day ahead.

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