Thursday, August 03, 2006

Child's Prayer

Every night, my son and I say our night prayers together. In our prayers, there is always a part when we ask the Lord to bless the people close to our hearts and we say their names out loud. We even include the names of our pet dogs, Miko and Bruno.

One of our dogs, Miko passed away recently. For some time now, we would say a special prayer for Miko. I taught my son to ask the Lord to bless Miko in Heaven. When Miko died, I explained to Yohan that Miko went to Heaven. He seemed to have a little understanding of death at his young age. His Dad taught him through the help of some cartoons. In Justice League, some villains die during the encounters and Jules used those as examples.

There was one time when I forgot to include Miko in our prayers. I was about to conclude our prayers with the sign of the cross when my son interjected by saying No... (I guess he meant stop, you forgot one), Lord bless Miko. It was a good sign that my son was praying earnestly because he noticed that we forgot someone.

The other night, while saying our night prayers, my son included the name of an unlikely person... Spiderman. He said, Lord please bless Spiderman. I looked at him and he was serious. I almost felt like laughing but stopped myself from doing so. I wasn't really bothered because Yohan after all is just an innocent child and meant no disrespect at all. But it was a relief that he did not include Spiderman in our prayers the following night. :)

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