Thursday, May 07, 2009

How To Make Simple Cordon Bleu

I would like to share hubby's simple way of making Cordon Bleu:

1. Pound skinless, boneless chicken breast to ¼ inch thickness. Season both sides of chicken breast with salt and pepper.

edited 5/8/2009: Tip on pounding chicken: Put a sheet of plastic or wax paper on top of the chicken and use a meat tenderizer to pound it until you get desired thinness.

2. Put a slice of ham on top of the pounded chicken.

3. Add slices of quick melt cheese on top of the ham.

4. Roll chicken and secure ends with toothpick.

5. You'll need some flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs.

6. Roll chicken on flour.

7. Then roll it on beaten egg.

8. Roll it on some bread crumbs.

9. You can either fry (until golden brown) or bake the chicken at 350° for 35 minutes.

10. Remove toothpick and slice the chicken into several serving pieces.

11. Serve while hot.

12. For the sauce: just mix some mayonnaise, salt, pepper and minced garlic. Enjoy! :)

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Heart of Rachel said...

hi. i tried to cook it already.ok na ok xa. try u also na gamitin instead of chicken bread.masarap din sya.

This is really interesting and looks delicious too!
-Alice Teh

this looks soo insanely delicious, Rach! thanks for the recipe. i will definitely try it one of these days. thanks, by the way, for the beautiful comments you left in my blog. i say the same thing of you - a loving, doting mother to such a sweet, loving, handsome, and caring son.

Wow, Rach! You hubby is a great cook! 8) I also like the apple idea! I often make apples cooked in wine (white) but never had them with ice cream. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the recipe - it looks yummy-yummy :-P
-Lifecruiser Travel

favo ko rin ang cordon bleu......sarap.
mabuti si hubby mo, gawa nya ng self ito,
ako bibili ng ready made, kasi matrabaho.
gustong-gusto ko ito, with green salad......minsan naka ubos ako ng 2, sabi ni bernie, it´s too much daw, sobra sa needs ng body ko.......
masarap kasi, kahit na malamig, snack na lang poooo
this season, parang 90% nag-diet, pati na si ako.
i do walking too, 30-40 mins a day....
pero pagdating sa bahay, hindi ako naka tipid, kasi kain ako ng kain .....
hindi nagtipid sa pera,....nagtitipid sa calories...heheheh
ewan, paano magpa-pa-slim, hindi
hirap, lalo na sa aged
ko.....nahirapan ako......sarappppppppp
kain-ng-kain, lalo na sweets...........
thnks for sharing

looks so yummy. I've always wanted to make this. Thanks for this post!

Jules is a wonderful cook, kaya pala si yohan loves to cook too :)

Thanks for the post, rachel...

i love this, will try this out anytime this week... cordon blue, here i come...

Look so good nanaman! Basta I come to your blog I always leave craving for the food i see! Hehe =)

sa sarap ng luto ninyo sa bahay... tataba talaga ako. sarap ng ulam pag may melted cheese.
gustong gusto ko rin yung marlin grilled over butter and cheese toppings.
-dong ho

This is yummy and it's so easy to do. I will definitely try this at home. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe.

weeee! hoping to make this at home this weekend! pano kaya i-pound yung chicken breast ng maayos? baka mali gawin ko. :-S

@Bursky: Sayang, I forgot to take a photo of that part. Place a sheet of any plastic or wax paper on top of the chicken and pound it with a meat tenderizer until you get desired thinness.

ahh now i know. maybe this sunday, i'll try preparing it this for sunday lunch. sana magaya ko. thanks

Delicious and the whole process is so simple. The instruction is so clear. Haha! Hubby I think is left handed.

That looks very delish! And thank you for sharing the recipe. You made it sound very easy. I'd like to try. =)
-witsandnuts | Edit comment Delete comment

Si hubby mo rin gumawa nito. He's so great. Para syang chef :)