Friday, May 08, 2009

Aloha Friday #67

Rules: Post any question on your blog on a Friday, share your answer and sign Kailani's Mr. Linky. Then have fun answering the questions of fellow participants by visiting their blogs.

What 3 simple joys did you experience today?

  1. Good morning kisses from hubby and son.
  2. Hubby's delicious home cooking.
  3. A sweet SMS from my mom.

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Heart of Rachel said...

1.Text messages from my love ones.
2.Hot coffee.
3.Breakfast with family.

That's really sweet, Rachel!
Like you, I enjoy my hubby's cooking as well. :D
-Alice Teh

1. Seeing my children smile
2. A cup of coffee made by my hubby
3. Sitting and relaxing with my family.
-Maria@Conversations with Moms |

Hi Rachel, I hope it's okay that I grabbed your questions and I made a post for it - .

1) woke up early but did not go to work
2) drove 200 miles RT to vist the Flower Fields (Raninculus)
3) Adopted an abused cat who was temporarily staying at my neighbors (they have 3 bobcats), when we got home.
All in a day's work. To all mothers, have a happy Mother's Day

1. woke up to a beautiful blue sky and the air smelling so sweet!
2. A lovely email from my son in LA
3. talked with my Papa and maMa, both of whom are in their 80's and are amazing!
-Ollie MKay's

1. lunch with my sweet boy at his preschool for Mother's Day.
2. dinner with little to no cleanup
3. 30 minutes of alone time!!!!

New career opportunity
dinner at my bro's in law
sweetest appreciation of my love from my wife

Unfortunately my hubby doesn't cook very well. :o(

Kisses and Love yous from my kids.
A hot cup of coffee.
and an award from one of my bloggy friends. I've only been up for an hour.

The sunrise, being able to kiss my children on the head, and just being out around nature during my morning run.

1.Kisses from my husband.
2.Smiles from my son.
3.A Yummy blueberry bagel.

1. Mastering the art of making pancakes
2. A yummy smoothie
3. Listening to my children laugh
-Pamela Kramer

1. up open the door--Birds chirping
2. Fountain Viewing
3.Smelling Fresh Coffee- having a cup of Joe.
-Auntie E