Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Red Wine Apple With Ice-Cream

The other day, I got frustrated when I couldn't find the Chocolate Truffles ice-cream flavor at the nearby convenience store. Hubby knew I was terribly disappointed. He made me feel better by making a delicious dessert. I enjoyed it and I forgot all about my Chocolate Truffles craving. Let me share the dessert my hubby made...

How To Make Red Wine Apple With Ice-Cream

1. Boil around half a bottle of red wine and 1/2 cup of sugar in a saucepan. Add 1 cinnamon stick and 2 tbsp of grated ginger.

2. Peel some apples and put them in the boiling mixture.

3. Let the apples absorb the red wine mixture. Simmer until the apples become a little tender.

4. Remove the apples from the saucepan and let them cool for a while.

5. Whip pre-chilled all purpose cream.

6. Core the apples cooked in red wine.

7. Put whipped cream inside the hole of the apple using an icing decorating tube or bag. If you don't have one, you can simply use a spoon to fill the hole with whipped cream.

8. Place a scoop of ice-cream (preferably vanilla) beside the apple.

9. Crush some toasted cashew nuts (you can also use almonds) and add them on top of the ice-cream.

10. Put some honey as a finishing touch. This is step is optional.

11. Serve it immediately. Enjoy!

I enjoyed this dessert. I appreciate my hubby's gesture. My son didn't eat the apple but he enjoyed the ice-cream part. :)

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Heart of Rachel said...

This one looks so good! Your husband is so sweet too!
-Alice Teh

wow, so sweet (both the dessert and your hubby, of course). Thanks for sharing with photos ~ look simple to make. Hmmm, I'll try it.
Happy Mother's Day!

wow super sweet ni hubz. ;)
Galing galing naman nya sa magcook :)

That's very sweet of your hubby :)

Parang ang sarap ng food ...

Okay that is so sweet of him. Looks good too. BTW, following you in tweeter.

WOW!!! My mouth is opened wide staring at this delicious looking dessert you're hubby has made specially for you!! :P
The apple core remover looks real handy, I should scout around for it.
-Napaboaniya APAD

Ang sweet naman ni Jules!
Yan ang dessert natin when we visit you ha, hehehe :D (kelan kaya yun?)

looks sooo yummy!!!
hope one day i could try doing it.
thanks for sharing!

if you posted the final shot first, i wont even think that it's an apple. wonder if we can taste it one day.
-dong ho

That looks sooooooooo good! I can't eat it because of the red wine but in my head, I can taste it! Yummy combinations!

Yummmmy! Thanks for sharing the how-to. Will definitely try this. :)
Your husband is so sweet.

looks yummy!

That looks so delicious. Hubby's efforts made you smile....
-Ebie made me want icecream!!
Ia that delicious dessert made by your hubby?

Wow that looks really good! You're so lucky to have a husband who can cook so well / prepare yummy dishes for you!

wow! that's really a lot of job for a dessert, effort is much appreciated, but I sitll prefer to eat each item in individual manner. :)

I love all these foods individually. I've never tasted them together but it looks delicious.
-Maria@Conversations with Moms